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Raised Floor Production- How It Aids You

Raised floor production is quite trending these days and the reason remains its suitability for data center rooms and other cabling areas. If you are new to it, then a raised floor is a platform floor made above a solid floor and leaves a gap within. This gap serves for various purposes including: Water drainage and supply, electric power supply, cabling in telecom and server rooms cabling for fire detection, controls, and security, etc.  Offer ventilation for AC etc.  Raised floor production helps you gain exclusive systems that add agility to your building and support easy maintenance. The raised floor systems have removable floor panels that promote reconfiguration aids. You can easily renovate your space without affecting the other elements. All you have to do is move the partition wall or furniture or floor boxes.  Various Raised Floor Parts Pedestals These are the elements in a raised floor known as

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Why Raised Floor Need Maintenance — Tips After Installation

Each raised flooring site has its own unique maintenance requirements. We offer maintenance programs designed to meet the needs of the individual site conditions on a demand or contract basis. State-of-the-art cleaning products, equipment, and experienced personnel are used on all maintenance jobs. To facilitate the proper in-house maintenance of raised floor, maintenance packages including equipment, products, and personnel training are also available. Maintenance of structure First and foremost, the floor was designed to support the weight of the computer equipment. So regular underfloor inspections for the structural integrity of the entire system are extremely important. Various trades servicing the area sometimes disturb the pedestal supports, and cause structural problems. Establish the load rating of these floor systems when all components are properly intact. So obviously, it is necessary to check all supports at least once a year. When components do not sit properly on an established grid system, the

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How Raised flooring is Changing The Company’s Infrastructure?

A raised flooring is also called a floating floor and we often use it to fulfill the work area’s needs. Various mechanical and electrical services will go through the hidden gap between the concrete and the raised floor. The elevated floor will be about 2 inches to 4 feet above the concrete surface. With raised floors, it is possible to reduce the cooling load by 40%. The distribution of heat among the cabinets will take place in a very efficient manner. Infinity Load Raised Floor Cable and equipment arrangement Data centers will go for raised floors. With the raised floor, you can install the new systems very quickly. If there is a requirement of the upgrade, it can be accomplished effortlessly. You can arrange the power plugs and ports systematically with a raised floor. And moreover, by going for elevated platforms, you can reduce the company’s spending on infrastructure. Clean

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Which Type of Raised Floor You Can Use in The Computer Lab?

You can organize computer labs can be organized in a very efficient manner by going for a raised floor. There are various options to accomplish the task. You should consider the type of floor, size, design, and pattern as per the application. Requirements of a computer lab raised floor The following are the requirements of the raised floor for a computer lab: Distribution of loads uniformly Providing a safe working environment for the occupants Management of a bunch of cables and wires without clutter Management of airflow to sensitive equipment Provision of grounding Ability to reorganize the rooms as per the needs Provision of service outlets High-pressure laminates – High Pressure Laminate (HPL) By using a high-pressure laminate, you can manage most of the computer lab floors very easily. They can dissipate static electricity in a very efficient manner. You can also go for either 1/8” thickness or 1/16” thickness

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Titan steel raised floor

Raised Floor Advantage: What are Top 5 Sectors Raised Floor is Must?

The advantage of raisedfloor is that a raised floor gives access to an elevated artificial floor, which is present above the concrete slab. The hidden gap between the concrete floor and the raised floor paves the way to electrical wiring, data cabling, and other services. Many commercial and industrial establishments choose the raised floor as it is cost-effective and convenient. The following sectors implement raised floor for the inherent raised floor advantage: Data Centers   Intelligent Air Flow Raised Floor  A server room comprises of several servers. It has to house power distribution cables, cooling ducts, and units as well. With the installation of a raised floor, there will be great ease in maintenance activities. The worker can do the cooling distribution very efficiently. And the raised floor is the most cost-effective process. Identifying damaged cables is very easy. Moreover, the replacement can be quick. Training and conference rooms  The

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raised floor key quality

What are Key Quality of Raised Floor Which Help Redesign Workplace

All modern offices inevitably have a number of wires, data cables. Raised floors are the ageless equipment used in such offices to conceal the cabling. It can also serve in fulfilling other purposes like improving the acoustic and insulation properties. It can provide efficient air conditioning into the IT equipment. And thereby it can also improve the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Meanwhile, raised floors can cool the building by using the space underneath the raised floor as a plenum chamber for the air-conditioned air. We could usually use perforated tiles for the same. So what are the key quality of raised floor in actual environment? Adaptability——key quality of raised floor It is common for raised floor to see in commercial buildings, data centers, computer rooms. What makes the raised floors convenient to use is their adaptability. The lightweight panels are easy to install. And it saves costs. The floor does

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Titan Attend Next DOMOTEX Aisa

Titan originally planned to participate in the Domotex Industrial Exhibition as an exhibitor in March this year due to the epidemic and was postponed to next year. We feel sorry for this. I hope that this pandemic that has swept the world can be effectively controlled as soon as possible. Against the background of the epidemic, global import and export trade is facing severe challenges. However, as a visitor, Titan experienced the exhibition of Domotex in this special period and talked about the feeling of participating in the exhibition. We can feel that the number of foreign customers has decreased significantly in Domotex, and we know that foreign countries are also facing severe tests. Many exhibitors can only use Internet technologies such as Cloud Showroom to communicate with customers online. Although there is no real communication from the scene, there is no other way. There is a Chinese proverb: a

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OA Intelligence Raised Floor

Access Flooring: Knowing the Proper Height

Access flooring applies to a raised floor that will give you the space that you require. It can secure any of your electrical and machine wires. The purpose that this kind of floor is so prevalent is the point that it assists to secure areas like server rooms. There is wire all across the place. However, people require to work and be held harmless. Raised flooring was designed with a security purpose in mind; to make certain that all of your server cables would still be in place and that all of them would be guarded. It is made up of a stringer, a pedestal, and the boards that make up the concrete floor cover. These exterior surfaces are wonderful and are what make the entrance floors so fabulous. Where to do access flooring and how high should it be When you have an access floor, you have got a

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raised floor load test

Loading Test Method Based on CISCA of Raised Floor

Generally speaking, raised floor is becoming more and more popular in recent office using and data center. So how to choose the right panel loading is the common and important aspect before usage. Here is the CISCA loading test method for reference. We can also do such test in our testing room with machines.    First , check the situation of test machine. We need to have the loading test machine with computer that can show the direct loading data in different deflection. Second, make sure the indentor is fine. It must be sure that concentrated loading shall be applied to the structure though a steel indentor 25.4mm square. And the footprint contact area should be 25.4mm*25.4mm. Finally, start the loading test after all structures are stable.   Prepare 3 pieces of raised floor bare panels randomly selected, and put the whole panel on the pedestal and stringer under-structure system.

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Steel cementitious raised flooring panel

Features List of Steel Cementitious Raised Flooring Panels

Steel cementitious raised flooring panel is extensively used in the construction of industrial and commercial buildings. Include clean rooms and telecommunication offices. Modern offices and industrial settings have to deal with wiring related issues. Technological advancements and organizational changes invite a lot of problems. For example, large data centers, computer rooms and settings where a large number of electronic devices are present. People have to keep the wiring systems safe and functional with a clear focus on the cost. When these issues exist, you need to find ways to tackle them effectively. The most reliable solution available is to apply steel cementitious raised flooring panels. What are the important features of these types of raised flooring panels? Steel cementitious raised flooring panels are made using top quality steel sheet. So you can find them as powerful. Further, the cementitious infill makes panels extremely quiet and solid as well. You can

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