raised floor key quality

What are Key Quality of Raised Floor Which Help Redesign Workplace

All modern offices inevitably have a number of wires, data cables. Raised floors are the ageless equipment used in such offices to conceal the cabling. It can also serve in fulfilling other purposes like improving the acoustic and insulation properties. It can provide efficient air conditioning into the IT equipment. And thereby it can also improve the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Meanwhile, raised floors can cool the building by using the space underneath the raised floor as a plenum chamber for the air-conditioned air. We could usually use perforated tiles for the same. So what are the key quality of raised floor in actual environment?

Key quality of the raised floor

Adaptability——key quality of raised floor

It is common for raised floor to see in commercial buildings, data centers, computer rooms. What makes the raised floors convenient to use is their adaptability. The lightweight panels are easy to install. And it saves costs. The floor does not connect to the structure. Use screws to fix between them. It can be easily removed and changes in the layout can be easily made without the loss of connectivity. This adaptability of raised floors makes them a great option for redesigning or new office spaces.

Efficient cooling

Perforated Panel

Especially in data centers, raised floors are of most importance due to the presence of a large number of cables. Raised floors can also efficiently cool electrical equipment and computers. With the flow of conditioned air from the perforated panels, it can easily achieve it. Also, while installing new cables, it is easy to remove the floor and make changes without much trouble. These reasons make raised floors a compelling addition to any data centers or computer rooms. 

Conduct static

Raised floors can also conduct static with the help of anti-static materials on the top. Different kinds of materials can be used and designs can be customized according to the building’s requirement. Properties such as being waterproof, excellent insulation and acoustic properties make raised floors an excellent choice in any office space. Certain types of materials are also recyclable thereby being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Wrapping it up

Raised Floor Panels of redesign workplace

Because of the flexible and adaptable properties of raised floors, it saves additional costs. And make maintenance and operating costs much lower compared to traditional floors. Several materials such as plaster, concrete, steel can be used for the raised floor panels. Anti-static materials such as anti-static tiles, steel anti-static raised floors, composite anti-static floors can also be used for having better insulation properties. The installation of these panels is easy and doesn’t require the laying of mortar. Nowadays, raised floors also offer many options with carpets for a better finish and aesthetics.

The maintenance of raised floors is also simple. However it should be properly done. While installing or removing, you should take care of them and only use proper tools  for such processes. It is important to maintain temperature and humidity levels. So that the raised floors can have a longer life.

All of these properties of raised floors make it a mandatory addition or a must-have in any office. They are the key quality of raised floor. At TitanFlor, we have had a great experience of producing raised floors and serving customers for over 20 years. Contact us to know more about raised floors and get your office re-modeled today!