Steel cementitious raised flooring panel

Features List of Steel Cementitious Raised Flooring Panels

Steel cementitious raised flooring panel is extensively used in the construction of industrial and commercial buildings. Include clean rooms and telecommunication offices. Modern offices and industrial settings have to deal with wiring related issues. Technological advancements and organizational changes invite a lot of problems. For example, large data centers, computer rooms and settings where a large number of electronic devices are present. People have to keep the wiring systems safe and functional with a clear focus on the cost. When these issues exist, you need to find ways to tackle them effectively. The most reliable solution available is to apply steel cementitious raised flooring panels.

Steel cementitious raised flooring panel

What are the important features of these types of raised flooring panels?

Steel cementitious raised flooring panels are made using top quality steel sheet. So you can find them as powerful. Further, the cementitious infill makes panels extremely quiet and solid as well.

You can expect lifetime protection with the electrodeposition cathodic epoxy paint finish when you buy quality products. You need to buy the products from top manufacturers to enjoy this type of benefit.

Another remarkable feature of the steel cementitious raised flooring panel is that it is completely non-combustible. In other words, these panels use non-combustible materials.

Outstanding rolling load can be associated with these products. What to expect with high rolling load? It offers superior static, vibrant, and maximum load performance. That is exactly why steel cementitious panes are widely used in commercial and industrial buildings.

Steel Raised Floor for General Office Buildings

The advantages of steel raised flooring panes

You can find superb grounding and electrical continuity with these panels. These products also come with Class A flame spread. Moreover, equip them with outstanding smoke development rating.

You can find them in interchangeable panel strengths. So the flexibility and adaptability of these products stay at higher levels. Time-sensitive maintenance becomes another vital feature.

Available in different colors, steel cementitious raised flooring panels offer a protective edge. You can also find rim and rimless panels in the market.

Offering a balanced laminar airflow, they don’t make you worry about turbulence. The airflow rate stays in between 20% and 65%.

These types of panels are highly durable. You don’t have to bother about fast deterioration with age. There is no need to worry about any detrimental effects when moisture and termites attack occurs. You only need minimal maintenance efforts to keep them functional.

All these features and benefits make steel cementitious raised flooring panels the best choice. For a broad spectrum of applications ranging from standard office applications to data center to clean rooms, computer rooms and telecommunication offices. Top manufactures put all panels into a flatting process to ensure supreme flatness and high functionality.  Made using deep stretch steel coil steel, high quality panels guarantee the best performance.