Which Type of Raised Floor You Can Use in The Computer Lab?

You can organize computer labs can be organized in a very efficient manner by going for a raised floor. There are various options to accomplish the task. You should consider the type of floor, size, design, and pattern as per the application.

Requirements of a computer lab raised floor

The following are the requirements of the raised floor for a computer lab:

  • Distribution of loads uniformly
  • Providing a safe working environment for the occupants
  • Management of a bunch of cables and wires without clutter
  • Management of airflow to sensitive equipment
  • Provision of grounding
  • Ability to reorganize the rooms as per the needs
  • Provision of service outlets

High-pressure laminates –

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

By using a high-pressure laminate, you can manage most of the computer lab floors very easily. They can dissipate static electricity in a very efficient manner. You can also go for either 1/8” thickness or 1/16” thickness as per the application. For lower loads, use HPL raised floors.

Heavy load application – Use a steel floor filled with concrete. In addition to the stationary equipment protection, the steel floor offers excellent rolling load protection. It is also possible to create a very safe environment by bolting the grid.

Computer lab floor

It is easy to install a clutter-free environment for classroom or technical training activity by installing the computer lab floor. There will be a provision of power and data connectivity. If there is a requirement of modification to cabling, it can be done very quickly. As per the lab functionality, you will get the highest flexibility with the implementation of the raised floor.


Do the modification to the existing cabling system with no disruption to work. You will not want to take the help of masonry to make changes to the cables and wires. With the implementation of the best floor design, the capacity will be very much enhanced. You can exchange the floor easily.


The metal components will be protected by spraying nickel or powder coating. The fire safety equipment will be labeled. Besides, you can organize them systematically.

Customized solutions

Raised Floor with Wood Flooring Finish

Raised Floor with Wood Flooring Finish

With the reputed raised floor solution provider’s help, you can install the most appropriate floor for your computer lab. You can go for steel, wood, or aluminum panels as per the budget and functionality.

  • Steel panels – With the steel panels, you can handle them easily. Load performance is excellent. The panels can be changed with other types of equal strength. As the panels come with epoxy finish, it will give lifelong protection.
  • Aluminum panels – The advantage with the aluminum panels is that there will not be any magnetic field disruption. The airflow management will be excellent as they will be perforated panels and grates. Enrich the panels’ performance with various coverings and coatings.
  • Wooden panels – It is the most affordable choice. With moderate rolling load performance, you can manage a versatile support system with various wooden panels.

Before ordering a raised floor panel, you should consider the load-bearing capacity, cables, maintenance, and budget accessibility. Besides, if you want to know more about our raised floor, just read other text from our website. You can also contact us directly.