steel cement raised floor

Network Raised Floor Strength and Application — Titanflor

1. What is network raised floor?

Network raised floor is a kind of raised floor. We can also call it steel cement raised floor or bare finish steel raised floor. The surface and bottom of network raised floor are steel plates. It’s filled with foaming cement. Four surfaces through conductive epoxy processing. There are corner lock holes at four corners.

There are three sizes of network raised floors. One is 500*500mm, the thickness is 28mm. One is 600*600mm, the thickness is 33mm. The other size is 24”*24”, which is 610*610mm. The first size of 500*500mm is usually used in China, Korea, and Japan. Most areas in the world use the second size of 600*600mm. The third size of 610*610mm, which is 24″*24″, is the American standard size, and it’s widely used in the USA.

steel cement raised floor

2. What’s the strength of network raised floor?

Excellent loading performance.

The top and bottom of the network raised floor are steel plates. It’s filled with foaming cement in the center. These raw materials determine its good carrying capacity.

Good fire resistance.

Whether it is steel plate or cement, it is a non-flammable substance. These raw materials also determine that the network floor has good fire performance.

Good wear resistance and dirt resistance.

The surface of the network floor is sprayed with epoxy resin, which increases the wear resistance of the floor and is also more resistant to dirt.

Flexible assembly, easy wiring, good interchangeability, and easy maintenance.

The network floor is fastened to the bracket with screws through the corner keyholes. Therefore, when the floor needs to be replaced, or the wiring needs to be replaced, just unscrew the screw and remove the floor.

High reuse rate, cost saving, and long service life.

The network floor can be covered with carpets, PVC coils, and other carpets on the surface, so it is convenient to install and more beautiful.

steel raised floor

3.Application of network raised floor

The surface of the network floor can be covered with carpet, which can be used in office buildings, office buildings, and other places. On the one hand, it is convenient for wiring, and on the other hand, it is more beautiful and comfortable.

The surface of the network floor can also be paved with PVC, which can be used in computer rooms, electric classrooms, hospitals, and other places. It can also play an anti-static role while meeting the wiring requirements, killing two birds with one stone.

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