Titan Attend Next DOMOTEX Aisa

Titan originally planned to participate in the Domotex Industrial Exhibition as an exhibitor in March this year due to the epidemic and was postponed to next year. We feel sorry for this. I hope that this pandemic that has swept the world can be effectively controlled as soon as possible.

Against the background of the epidemic, global import and export trade is facing severe challenges. However, as a visitor, Titan experienced the exhibition of Domotex in this special period and talked about the feeling of participating in the exhibition.

We can feel that the number of foreign customers has decreased significantly in Domotex, and we know that foreign countries are also facing severe tests. Many exhibitors can only use Internet technologies such as Cloud Showroom to communicate with customers online. Although there is no real communication from the scene, there is no other way. There is a Chinese proverb: a blessing in disguise. How to win the first opportunity in this test is for every company to think deeply.

During this period, TitanFlor did not forget its original intention and moved forward. Looking forward to 2021 TitanFlor will see you again with a more professional image.

Domotex Shanghai