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What is Wood Core Raised Flooring

Raised flooring is an essential component of offices, computer rooms, data centers, or clean rooms. It mainly includes steel cement raised flooring, calcium sulphate raised flooring, wood core raised flooring, and aluminum raised flooring. In global markets, the steel cement raised floor is the most common type. But in fact, wood core raised flooring is also very influential and popular in many countries around the world. Anti-static wood core raised floor and encapsulated wood core raised floor The wood core raised flooring mainly includes anti-static wood core flooring and encapsulated wood core flooring, both of which are made of high-density (720Kg/m3) particle board. The bottom of the raised floor of the anti-static wood core is a galvanized steel plate or aluminum foil, the top finish is HPL or PVC or ceramic tiles, and the four edges are sealed with PVC edging strips. The encapsulated wood core flooring is covered by

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Floors for Workshop: Concrete, PVC & Raised Floor

Workshop is an integral part of any manufacturing or Research and Development units. These are the spaces responsible for those excellent discoveries and inventions. The right floor option is a must as it contributes to the functional aspects of the room. The flooring options need to be hygienic, slip-resistant, and certainly robust. The right flooring would also boost employee’s morale and make him/her motivated. Are you looking for an ideal floor for your workshop? Well, this article will help you explore some interesting options like concrete, PVC, and raised floor for electronic workshop. But before, let’s check out some interesting aspects of floors in a workshop.    Floors for workshop The workshops at the stage of construction have the potential to install absolute floors from the scratch. However, the options get reduced when you have already built an electronic workshop. Though, you can still choose a strong and utility-filled floor type. 

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Why Use Raised Flooring, Advantages and Maintenance

A raised floor (also called access floor) provides an elevated structural floor above a solid substrate to create a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services. As usual, raised floor consists of stringers, adjustable-height pedestal, and a panel. The material of panels is steel, aluminum, wood, and calcium sulfate. Usually, people use raised floor with various flooring finishes to suit the application or decoration, such as ceramic, HPL, PVC, etc. Advantages of raised flooring First of all, raised floor has the advantages as below: Raised floor has a good quality of mechanical strength, loading capacity, and impact resistance; The surface of the panel adopts electrostatic spraying, which is wear-resistant, waterproof, fireproof, dust-proof, and anti-corrosion; Since raised floor can be cut arbitrarily, and the whole floor system has the flexibility to configure to accommodate changes. It is also easy to disassemble and assemble. As long as replacing the

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Price Change of Titan Raised Floor

Dear Sir, We, Titan raised floor hereby make a statement as follow: In the past 9 months in 2020, we have stable orders of raised floor which  is delivered to our customers around the world.  Customers are satisfied with the quality of raised floor and the service of our factory.  We have kept the stable and long cooperation with our customers in different projects this year. However, recently as the domestic price of raw material steel sheet has increased a lot, the exchange rate of dollars has changed from 7 to 6.70. So our factory have to adjust the cost of raised floor. Generally speaking, we will focus on our quality and service in such special period. So right now we will update the new competitive price to you before orders.  We still bear our core value: customers first and quality first.  Hope we can get win-win situation among all

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Titan Attend Next DOMOTEX Aisa

Titan originally planned to participate in the Domotex Industrial Exhibition as an exhibitor in March this year due to the epidemic and was postponed to next year. We feel sorry for this. I hope that this pandemic that has swept the world can be effectively controlled as soon as possible. Against the background of the epidemic, global import and export trade is facing severe challenges. However, as a visitor, Titan experienced the exhibition of Domotex in this special period and talked about the feeling of participating in the exhibition. We can feel that the number of foreign customers has decreased significantly in Domotex, and we know that foreign countries are also facing severe tests. Many exhibitors can only use Internet technologies such as Cloud Showroom to communicate with customers online. Although there is no real communication from the scene, there is no other way. There is a Chinese proverb: a

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Raised Floor with Wood Flooring Finish

Top 5 Tips to Choose Correct Finish Material for Raised Access Floors

Raised floors are becoming very popular among various industrial and commercial buildings. Because it assists in carrying out day to day operations with ease. When used in a data center, the elevated floor will have two or 4 inches of space above the concrete floor. Now, this space can be utilized by the company for various purposes such as cooling, electrical, and mechanical services, and more. Besides, the raised floor not only reduces the amount of air needed to cool the equipment, but also lowers the consumption of energy. Moreover, it improves temperature distribution across the area. When you plan on adding a raised floor to your building, there are various factors that we should keep in mind. Especially the type of correct finish material that will be used for raised flooring. Wondering how to choose the correct finish material for raised access? Take a look at some of the

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Raised Access Floor: What you need to know!

The raised access floor is an indispensable item in any data center project. These environments require the ability to handle a large number of data cables, electrical power cables, and cooling systems. Data centers without raised floors perceive as incomplete as they can make maintenance difficult and inflexible adaptations resulting from technological advances or expansion. Why install a raised access floor Some projects need to channel a large number of facilities and systems to act. Others need spaces of different heights according to their different uses. To achieve these objectives without having to make the building cut more complex, it is possible to incorporate Raised Access Floors. It is forming from a system of modular panels mounted on pedestals or adjustable jacks. In addition to easily absorbing the unevenness of the floor, improving the insulation and acoustic qualities between levels, and facilitating the revision of the installations. The raised access

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COVID-19 Impact on China’s Construction Industry

China’s COVID-19 pneumonia outbreak in the end of 2019, public health emergencies are challenging China’s emergency response capabilities. For a period of time, the Chinese government has had a huge impact on various industries, especially catering, tourism and others. How about the impact on construction industry? Impact on China’s construction industry Due to labor difficulties, rising costs and reduced orders, the manufacturing industry will be in trouble. Then they will hardly begin to maintain or be in a semi-stagnation state. Mainly has the following negative effects on the construction industry: 1. It is unable to resume production normally, which will affect the progress of power generation. 2. The product cannot be delivered as planned, which affects the customer’s acceptance and use of the product 3. After-sales service cannot be carried out in a timely manner, affecting customers’ business activities 4. Unable to carry out marketing and sales activities, thereby affecting

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Steel Price Drops

Steel Price Drops 15% & Tax Refund Increases

Because the Chinese government has vigorously cleared excess production capacity. Steel prices have been remaining at a very high level for the past 3 years. However, in November 2019, China’s steel price drops for the first time. Taking the cold-rolled steel used in our steel raised floor as an example, the price has dropped by about 15% so far. In the past 3 years, high price of Chinese steel has slowed downstream demand and exports. At the same time, under the stimulation of high profits, the continuous expansion of steel industry has also accelerated the decline in steel prices. In addition, since November, the Chinese government has increased the export tax rebate rate for all products. Moreover, the steel price drops. It is believed to have a positive impact on export-oriented companies.

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Exchange Rate

USD Price Dropped 10% Due to Exchange Rate

Last 2 months, Chinese RMB rose rapidly against US Dollar. On July 1st, the exchange rate is still around 6.30. Before the deadline for publication, the exchange rate already exceed 6.85, which means our USD price drops around 10% since June. In 2018, prices of raw materials have grown rapidly in China’s total exports have fallen significantly. This exchange rate change is believed to have a positive impact on our exports.

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