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If you make a raised floor sample room — Titanflor

What do you need to do if you are going to make a raised floor sample room?

First, you need to know the type of raised floor.

The role of the sample room is to display various raised floors. So let’s first get a clear view of the raised floor. According to the material, we can divide the raised floors into steel raised floor, calcium sulfate raised floor, wood core raised floor, and aluminum raised floor. Steel raised floor can be divided into network raised floor, anti-static raised floor (according to different coverings, it can be divided into HPL raised floor, PVC raised floor, ceramic raised floor, etc.), perforated panel. Calcium sulfate raised floor can be divided into encapsulated raised floor and anti-static raised floor. Wood core floors can be divided into encapsulated raised floors and anti-static floors. Aluminum raised floors can be divided into solid panels, perforated panels, and grating panels.

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Second, you need to think about the way of sample room you want to present.

The raised floor can be cut into small samples. Also, it can directly be a large sample. For the cut samples, we can display them in the display cabinet. The large samples can also be displayed on the display stand. Of course, it is more intuitive to display it after paving. Like our Titanflor sample room, we have built a display stand on the wall, we can place the floor samples on the stand for display. We also install the raised floor system according to different types and different heights under the stands. When the customers enter our sample room, they can see our products and installation effects at a glance.

At the same time, the installation of raised floors requires different types of pedestals and stringers of different heights. If we install the raised floor systems in the sample room, we can also display the pedestals and stringers. For example, the steel network raised floor is used with aluminum head pedestals (also called cross head pedestals) and flat head pedestals. Generally, it is not necessary to install stringers. Encapsulated calcium sulfate panels and encapsulated wood-core panels use square head pedestals with gaskets and do not need to install stringers also. When installing steel anti-static raised floors, we often use flat-head pedestals with stringers. We use round-head pedestals with gaskets for anti-static calcium sulfate raised floors and anti-static wood-core raised floors. Also, we use them together with stringers with gaskets. If the height of the pedestals is extremely high, they need braces. All of the above can be displayed by paving.

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Third, what should be paid attention to in the sample room?

Maybe the quality of our products is impeccable, but customers can’t feel it out of thin air. They can only know through our samples. Therefore, in order to strive to win the trust of our customers and the recognition of our products, we must strictly check the quality of the samples when selecting product samples to ensure that the samples are representative and have excellent quality support.


We can put our logo on the conspicuous place of the sample, or contact information. This method may have a certain impact on the appearance of the sample, but the purpose of this method is that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. On the one hand, it can deepen the customer’s impression of our company and bring out the authenticity of the sample; On the other hand, customers who are willing to buy can also contact us in time.