raised floor load test

Loading Test Method Based on CISCA of Raised Floor

Generally speaking, raised floor is becoming more and more popular in recent office using and data center. So how to choose the right panel loading is the common and important aspect before usage. Here is the CISCA loading test method for reference. We can also do such test in our testing room with machines.   

First , check the situation of test machine. We need to have the loading test machine with computer that can show the direct loading data in different deflection.

Second, make sure the indentor is fine. It must be sure that concentrated loading shall be applied to the structure though a steel indentor 25.4mm square. And the footprint contact area should be 25.4mm*25.4mm.

Finally, start the loading test after all structures are stable.

loading test method


  1. Prepare 3 pieces of raised floor bare panels randomly selected, and put the whole panel on the pedestal and stringer under-structure system.
  2. Each panel should be loaded at weakest point.  Here we will test three points in one panel– at the centroid and midpoint of edge, also the weakest point of connecting material between panels.
  3. Each panel will be pre-loaded for each test to the test load at test location.  A pre-load of 50LB (222N) for one minute, lifting the steel indentor and then make the instrumentation measuring deflection set at zero.
  4. Forcing the loading on the panel surface and keep the loading at the applied location for a minimum of one minute and deflection readings taken at the end of period. At the same time, recording the concentrated load at 2.5mm deflection.
  5. It will have trend chart of loading in the computer and the panel loading data will be seen clearly.

laoding test based on CISCA

For more information, just visit our Youtube channel: Steel Raised Floor Quality Inspection . You can learn more about our Titan raised floor.