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Raised Floor Daily Maintenance

Raised floor characteristics

There are many characteristics of raised floors. The most prominent feature of the raised floor is that there is a space under the floor. It can route or ventilate below, which is very flexible and easy to disassemble and assemble. The raised floor is fixed in size of 600*600mm, so we can interchange at will and is easy to assemble. This article takes the steel raised floor as an example to talk with you about the daily maintenance of the raised floor.

raised floor wiring

Why daily maintenance important

The raised floor is a steel structure, so it is solid and can withstand a lot of force. The surface of the OA network floor is covered with epoxy powder, so it is waterproof, fireproof, and anti-corrosion. The surface of the anti-static raised floor is covered with HPL/PVC covering, so it also has the advantages of being anti-static and waterproof. The daily maintenance of the raised floor is also essential. So, how would you like to maintain the raised floor? We Titanflor will give you the following suggestions.

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Tips for raised floor maintenance

  1. Because the size of the raised floor is fixed, it’s 600*600mm. We can open the floor with tools such as lifters. We shouldn’t use sharp tools to construct and operate on the surface of the raised floors directly to prevent damage to the anti-static performance and aesthetics of the surface.raised floor lifter
  2. You’d better not jump directly to the raised floor from a high place. It’ll smash the floor. You’d better not operate brutally when moving the equipment. Although the raised floor has a high load capacity, sudden jumps and brutal operations will cause damage to the floors. Especially the covering on the surface of the anti-static raised floor.  There will be some  damage due to improper operation.
  3. When there is heavy equipment in the computer room, we can drop the equipment directly on the ground base, as it will cause long-term load deformation of the floor. We can install a solid steel structure on the ground and then connect it to the raised floors. Of course, this situation applies to the case of extremely heavy equipment, and it is not necessary to do so under normal circumstances, because the raised floor is also heavy-duty and can withstand this kind of pressure.
  4. When moving the equipment on the raised floor, you’d better not push the equipment on the board directly to scratch the floor. The correct way is to lift the equipment for transportation. Moving equipment directly on the raised floor may also damage the anti-static and aesthetics of the raised floor surface. When placing items on the floor, avoid dragging heavy objects on the floor, the contact surface should not be a manageable size.  We can use wooden blocks  as pads if necessary.
  5. Use a vacuum cleaner or a rag to keep the flooring clean during maintenance. In particular, do not spill liquid on the floor, so as not to affect the normal operation of the wiring and equipment under the floor. AlwayContinuallythe floor with a squeezed wet mop, clean the dirty places with solvents such as alcohol.
  6. We can regularly maintained with anti-static wax the surface of the raised floor, to ensure the long-term use effect of the floor. Use a scrubber to clean the floor until the wax layer is no longer visible. If the wax layer is thick, we may not remove cleanly at one time. It is necessary to use wax remove water to remove the second time, and use a water suction machine to dry the water. Wipe If you could wipe the floor several times with a mop and clean water. Make sure to wipe it clean to ensure that there is no residual waxing water on the floor, so as not to affect the effect of re-waxing.
  7. When walking on the floor, you can’t wear shoes with metal spikes, and you can’t use sharp or hard objects to scratch or knock on the floor surface.