Raised Floor Production- How It Aids You

Raised floor production is quite trending these days and the reason remains its suitability for data center rooms and other cabling areas. If you are new to it, then a raised floor is a platform floor made above a solid floor and leaves a gap within. This gap serves for various purposes including:

  1. Water drainage and supply,
  2. electric power supply,
  3. cabling in telecom and server rooms
  4. cabling for fire detection, controls, and security, etc. 
  5. Offer ventilation for AC etc. 

Raised floor production helps you gain exclusive systems that add agility to your building and support easy maintenance. The raised floor systems have removable floor panels that promote reconfiguration aids. You can easily renovate your space without affecting the other elements. All you have to do is move the partition wall or furniture or floor boxes. 

raised floor production

Various Raised Floor Parts


These are the elements in a raised floor known as a pedestal. The pedestal part deploys a structural base to the raised floor. The raised floor production implements the addition of jacks, stands, or stanchions. The pedestal creates ample space for construction materials by creating a connection between the head and the floor base. This makes the installation of construction materials much easier. The pedestal designs vary as per the installed raised floor system in the space. Pedestals are quite flexible and proffer a vertical structural base on the raised floor.


That’s something, which is also essential in the process of raised floor production. These are the elements that offer support to the raised floor panel by allowing the pedestal to form a strong structure. Also known as linking grids, stringers add stability to the gap after completion of the installation of raised floors. The stringers are manufactured through either aluminum channels or square tube. The selection of the material depends on the design of the raised floor. The stringers have the option to get screwed on both ends to offer a firm grip to the pedestal.  


Various companies create varying panel designs in their raised floor production process. Here are the three general types of panels. 

Common Tiles for Raised Floors

This type of raised floor system creates a smooth surface on the upper floor. This floor is made of sturdy materials like steel and the panel is made of concrete materials.

Wiring Module Panel

This panel is apt for data server rooms and energy outlets. The panel consists of specially manufactured raised floors series. 

Perforated Panels

These are the panels that offer ventilation aids. With holes to pass airflow, they are apt for places with humid conditions. These can also have controls to manage the airflow in terms of rating. 

Why Go For Raised Floors? 

Raised floor production can be helpful in various ways. Here are some of the important benefits you must note, 

  1. The raised floor has water resistance features, which keeps them safe from getting depleted.
  2. With the use of raised floors, you can certainly decrease the cost of construction in regions prone to earthquakes and explosions. 
  3. They offer a base for radiant heat systems by working as a material suited for handling thermal radiations. If you are planning to either cool or heat the building, raised floor production can certainly offer benefits. 
  4. The raised floor production can be completed with a fine finish added by stamping, sealing, staining, or polishing. However, there is no requirement of spending additional money on covering the floors. 
  5.  Raised floor systems offer safety against fire as it keeps the fire restricted to the floor and secondly it aids resistance to buildings in areas having extra threat due to high winds.  

So, that was all about raised floors and their exclusive benefits. Raised floor production can be certainly beneficial for your projects requiring more sturdiness and durability. You can either get ready to install panels or make them on-site. Whichever you choose, these are certainly beneficial.