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Why raised floor

Differences Between Office Raised Floors

Once, I talked about office raised floors with one of our clients. I find that he can’t tell the differences between the floors. So, I will introduce the office raised floors: Steel cement raised floor, encapsulated calcium sulfate raised floor, encapsulated wood core raised floor. Application of office raised floors As a modern intelligent office environment, it is not enough to meet the specific needs of application equipment. The environment should also be comfortable, clean, beautiful, efficient, convenient, and flexible. Due to the increase of office automation equipment, the horizontal wiring of power cords and data voice lines in the room is staggered and complicated. It has brought many adverse effects to the modern office environment. A new wiring method for building development, embedding steel wire ducts and steel pipes in the floor slab, solves the shortcomings of wire duct and bridge wiring in the ceiling and other wiring methods.

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Encapsulated Panels

Everything to Know About Encapsulated Panels

Encapsulated panels are extensively used in office buildings, power stations, telecommunication rooms and factory clean rooms. These types of products are an ideal option when you need a specific free environment. Several benefits can be associated with these types of products. You need to identify a trusted manufacturer and supplier to buy top quality panels at affordable prices. Encapsulated panels offer high energy efficiency Top-of-the-line encapsulated panels reduce the use of heating and cooling efficiently. That is to say, the best panels offer high energy efficiency. Working as a vapor barrier in the grid system, they maintain the heat and air conditioning in the occupied space. So energy expenses come down considerably. The encapsulated panel should be a major consideration for the health of your building and the energy you will save. Excellent strength, durability, and ease of use Encapsulated panels has good performance of their strength. These products are

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