Encapsulated Panels

Everything to Know About Encapsulated Panels

Encapsulated panels are extensively used in office buildings, power stations, telecommunication rooms and factory clean rooms. These types of products are an ideal option when you need a specific free environment. Several benefits can be associated with these types of products. You need to identify a trusted manufacturer and supplier to buy top quality panels at affordable prices.

Encapsulated panels offer high energy efficiency

Top-of-the-line encapsulated panels reduce the use of heating and cooling efficiently. That is to say, the best panels offer high energy efficiency. Working as a vapor barrier in the grid system, they maintain the heat and air conditioning in the occupied space. So energy expenses come down considerably. The encapsulated panel should be a major consideration for the health of your building and the energy you will save.

Excellent strength, durability, and ease of use

Encapsulated panels has good performance of their strength. These products are also highly durable. That is exactly why we use then widely in telecommunication rooms, power stations, office buildings, and factory clean rooms.

Easy installation and outstanding performance

You don’t need to worry about any complex installation procedure when you buy encapsulated panels. The installation process is pretty uncomplicated. Workers can install them speedily. The performance of these panels needs special appreciation. They can fix a perfectly rigid panel by using screw-down or gravity-laid methods. It makes the best substrate for modular floor coverings.

Encapsulated Panel with Calcium Sulphate

Both the installation and removal can be done easily. Encapsulated panels also offer the best protection for edges against damage. Exceptional performance is what you can always expect with quality products. Further, you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance. With minimal maintenance, you can keep the functionality at optimal levels.

Other advantages of encapsulated panels

You can enjoy many more benefits when you use encapsulated panels. They also show good performance of dimensional accuracy. As stated above, these types of panels are highly resistant to damage and last for a long time. You can also find them offering high load performance irrespective of the situation. Other prominent advantages are outstanding fire-proof performance, recyclability and environmental-friendliness. Excellent water-proof performance, full steel encasement and faultless sealing.

Benefits of buying from top manufactures and suppliers

Reputed manufacturers perform stringent quality control procedures to deliver the best purchase experience for each customer. We TitanFlor do test of highly rigorous acoustic, fire-resistance, and loading on all raw materials and finished products. Responsible and reliable manufacturers focus on putting in place continuous improvement initiatives and product development programs to ensure the delivery of best quality products.

Based on the global standards, all systems are tested and certified to maintain excellent reliability. You can place requests for acoustic, fire and system certificates for each panel. Trusted suppliers also sell their product at most affordable prices.