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Which Type of Raised Floor You Can Use in The Computer Lab?

You can organize computer labs can be organized in a very efficient manner by going for a raised floor. There are various options to accomplish the task. You should consider the type of floor, size, design, and pattern as per the application. Requirements of a computer lab raised floor The following are the requirements of the raised floor for a computer lab: Distribution of loads uniformly Providing a safe working environment for the occupants Management of a bunch of cables and wires without clutter Management of airflow to sensitive equipment Provision of grounding Ability to reorganize the rooms as per the needs Provision of service outlets High-pressure laminates – High Pressure Laminate (HPL) By using a high-pressure laminate, you can manage most of the computer lab floors very easily. They can dissipate static electricity in a very efficient manner. You can also go for either 1/8” thickness or 1/16” thickness

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