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Wood Core Raised Floor VS Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor

When it comes to anti-static raised floors, we generally think of anti-static all-steel cement raised floors because this is the most widely used raised floor. But there are also two types of raised floors that are gaining popularity, anti-static wood core raised floors, and anti-static calcium sulphate raised floors. These two types of flooring are also prevalent: computer rooms, data centers, control rooms, administrative centers, and office buildings. Next, we will detail the similarities and differences between wood core raised floors and calcium sulphate raised floors. 1. Wood Core Raised Floor VS Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor Structure The structure of the wood core anti-static raised floor and calcium sulphate raised floor is the same. They are both glued with galvanized steel plate or aluminum foil at the bottom of the substrate, sealed with PVC edge strips around, and choose HPL, PVC, ceramic, or carpet as decoration on the top. Therefore,

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steel cement raised floor

Network Raised Floor Strength and Application — Titanflor

1. What is network raised floor? Network raised floor is a kind of raised floor. We can also call it steel cement raised floor or bare finish steel raised floor. The surface and bottom of network raised floor are steel plates. It’s filled with foaming cement. Four surfaces through conductive epoxy processing. There are corner lock holes at four corners. There are three sizes of network raised floors. One is 500*500mm, the thickness is 28mm. One is 600*600mm, the thickness is 33mm. The other size is 24”*24”, which is 610*610mm. The first size of 500*500mm is usually used in China, Korea, and Japan. Most areas in the world use the second size of 600*600mm. The third size of 610*610mm, which is 24″*24″, is the American standard size, and it’s widely used in the USA. 2. What’s the strength of network raised floor? Excellent loading performance. The top and bottom of

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sample room

If you make a raised floor sample room — Titanflor

What do you need to do if you are going to make a raised floor sample room? First, you need to know the type of raised floor. The role of the sample room is to display various raised floors. So let’s first get a clear view of the raised floor. According to the material, we can divide the raised floors into steel raised floor, calcium sulfate raised floor, wood core raised floor, and aluminum raised floor. Steel raised floor can be divided into network raised floor, anti-static raised floor (according to different coverings, it can be divided into HPL raised floor, PVC raised floor, ceramic raised floor, etc.), perforated panel. Calcium sulfate raised floor can be divided into encapsulated raised floor and anti-static raised floor. Wood core floors can be divided into encapsulated raised floors and anti-static floors. Aluminum raised floors can be divided into solid panels, perforated panels, and

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Sensor Fan Assist Floor Installation

Sensor Fan Assist Floor in Data Center

As we all know, the heat dissipation of equipment in the data center is particularly large. It requires a safe and reliable operating environment for equipment in the data center, including temperature, humidity, cleanliness, etc. In order to solve the challenges of high density and thermal load in data centers, Titanflor has developed a series of high-efficiency and energy-saving solutions. Sensor fan assist floor can automatically determine the on-site temperature, and make real-time reflections based on sensor signals, automatically adjust the temperature. The temperature-controlled fan is an upgrade of a function of the ordinary fan, and the scope of use on the market is becoming wider and wider. However, many people don’t know much about how the sensor fan assist floor works. So, what is the working principle of the sensor fan assist floor? How does the sensor fan assist floor work? Sensor fan assist floor is an intelligent fan system raised

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Christmas tree

Raised Floor–Some Thoughts by Christmas Tree

After Christmas is New Year’s Day, and soon after New Year’s Day is Chinese New Year. Many businesses also put up Christmas trees, billboards, or decorations to welcome the New Year in front of their stores. However, many businesses have dragged a long line to connect the Christmas tree or various billboards or decorations. Some even made a warning sign to remind customers to be careful of electrical wiring. It is not only very unsightly but also has many security risks. As a raised floor manufacturer, I can’t help but wonder, if raised floors are installed there, wouldn’t it be like now? If raised floors are installed, the wiring can be routed directly through the space below the floor, in which case there are no exposed wires, no tripping hazard, and no need for tape, warning signs, etc. It will also look more beautiful. You may feel that there is

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raised floor basement

Raised Floor Basement- Why You Need It?

Raised floors are certainly exploring their applications. And basement is the new addition to this list. Their ability to manage moisture is the reason behind this addition. You might be thinking that raised floors are specifically used in data rooms. However, that’s not true. The smooth surface of raised floor basement is now used in the basements as well. Your raised floor emits various benefits. The floor is apt to reduce concerns of humidity during the monsoon.  Applying a raised floor for basement will enable you to cut the damage. This damage can occur due to the constant intervention of moisture in the space. Not just your floor, however, the moisture can affect your possession and furniture items as well. A raised floor basement helps you mitigate the moisture. It may occur due to permeation, roof runoff, and rain. Unlike concrete floors, these floors are non-porous and hence secures the

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rasied floor total usage

Raised Floor Total Usage- Applications & Use

With the development fo science and technology, raised floor appears. The reason behind the popularity is not just their aesthetic appeal, but functional utility as well. For instance, raised floor systems are increasingly gaining attention in the flooring market. The raised floor total usage is highly leveraging for industrial applications. For spaces like laboratories and data centers, these have become a necessity. Through these systems you can let the cables run beneath the floors. This will further avoid any accidents and mishaps.  Though we use raised floors in various forms, you can get panels that are easy to install. Maintenance of these floors is easy as well. Raised floors are famous for the application in data centers and other tech-related spaces. However, there are many more applications for it. This blog consists of aspects related to raised floor’s usage. We aim to help you harness its ultimate benefits. So, let’s

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raised floor application--TitanFlor

Where Need Raised Floor — Applications

There are quite a number of benefits why you may need to install raised floors in your building. We will discuss some of the major raised floor applications of these raised floors in various buildings. Raised floor systems are most useful in offices, data centers and in homes. Most common raised floor application — Offices Office is the most used raised floor applications. Access floors make it possible for office workers to enjoy clean air and favorable room temperatures. Such floors are known for proper cold air distribution. This significantly saves companies the costs of energy and purchasing and maintaining air conditioners and fans. Raised floors can allow underground wiring to take place and you can add an unlimited number of equipment. Data centers Technology spaces such as data centers have a heavy need for raised floor systems but needs vary with the data center. If data center servers get

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Titan Attend Next DOMOTEX Aisa

Titan originally planned to participate in the Domotex Industrial Exhibition as an exhibitor in March this year due to the epidemic and was postponed to next year. We feel sorry for this. I hope that this pandemic that has swept the world can be effectively controlled as soon as possible. Against the background of the epidemic, global import and export trade is facing severe challenges. However, as a visitor, Titan experienced the exhibition of Domotex in this special period and talked about the feeling of participating in the exhibition. We can feel that the number of foreign customers has decreased significantly in Domotex, and we know that foreign countries are also facing severe tests. Many exhibitors can only use Internet technologies such as Cloud Showroom to communicate with customers online. Although there is no real communication from the scene, there is no other way. There is a Chinese proverb: a

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