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Raised Floor–Some Thoughts by Christmas Tree

After Christmas is New Year’s Day, and soon after New Year’s Day is Chinese New Year. Many businesses also put up Christmas trees, billboards, or decorations to welcome the New Year in front of their stores. However, many businesses have dragged a long line to connect the Christmas tree or various billboards or decorations. Some even made a warning sign to remind customers to be careful of electrical wiring. It is not only very unsightly but also has many security risks. As a raised floor manufacturer, I can’t help but wonder, if raised floors are installed there, wouldn’t it be like now?

Christmas tree

If raised floors are installed, the wiring can be routed directly through the space below the floor, in which case there are no exposed wires, no tripping hazard, and no need for tape, warning signs, etc. It will also look more beautiful. You may feel that there is no need to install raised floors in that area, and there are only a few events a year. Then think about it from another angle, what if we replace the store with an office building? And the connected Christmas tree was replaced by a computer?


Ways to wiring

Imagine if you are in an office building with no decoration and just rented the house. Now you need to renovate this office building. Office buildings need to be connected to a series of electronic devices such as modems, routers, computers, printers, projectors, air conditioners, water dispensers, etc. At this time, there are three options in front of you: 1. Use the power strip directly, and if the wire is not long enough, plug in another power strip. 2. Dig out the floor and pre-lay various lines. 3. Install raised floors.

The first method is to use the power strip directly. It is the most unsafe way. It is convenient and flexible to change the wire, but it’s easy to be overload. If the power strip is overloaded, the wire will hot, melt, and even cause a fire. Moreover, power strips are used on the ground. There is a danger of tripping if you are not careful. It’s very unsafe.

The second method is to dig out the ground and lay the wiring. It is a big project, just listening to it. Terrible. And imagine, you suddenly realize that you’ve left out a piece of equipment just after you’ve had a hard time laying out your circuit. Wow, what a terrible thing! You may say it’s impossible. I will check everything before laying the ground. OK. What if you want to add equipment or change the design after using the office for some time? What can you do then? The only you can do is to dig the ground. What a head-scratcher thing!

Raised Floor Preset Jack

The third way is to lay raised floors. I think it’s the most practical way by far. However, the cost of laying raised floors may be relatively high. You can connect anywhere meanwhile the equipment runs freely on the raised floors. You need to use the lifter to open the raised floors and change the wiring under the raised floors. So you can quickly move the desks, computers, etc. Take the school for an example. The equipment of the school is continually updated. If you install the raised floors, you only need to open the raised floors to add the wire or USB.

office install raised floor

Benefits of raised floors

Once I talked with a client about raised floors. He said he likes going to the casino very much. The casino also needs to update the equipment or maintain the equipment frequently. He said that the casino could earn between USD1.5 million and USD3 million a day. You can imagine how lucrative a casino can be. However, if a casino doesn’t install raised floors and needs to maintain the equipment or update the equipment, the only he can do is to close the business. There may be one day or maybe longer. The loss can also be imagined. Then if he uses raised floors, he can circle the place to maintain or update, while other places operate normally. Of course, the purpose of this article is not to encourage people to run casinos or play casino games. We are law-abiding good citizens.


Classification and selection of raised floors

Raised floor except for steel raised floor, there are other types, such as the perforated raised floor, perforated panel with damper, glass raised floor, calcium sulphate raised floor, aluminum raised floor, etc. There are also different veneers to choose from, such as HPL, PVC, porcelain, rubber, etc. You can choose according to your needs and your budget. How to choose raised floor? We can leave for another topic.

Having said so much, to sum up, in offices, data centers, computer rooms, schools, shopping malls, and other places, as long as the budget is sufficient, it is still necessary to install a raised floor.