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Where Need Raised Floor — Applications

There are quite a number of benefits why you may need to install raised floors in your building. We will discuss some of the major raised floor applications of these raised floors in various buildings. Raised floor systems are most useful in offices, data centers and in homes.

Most common raised floor application — Offices

Office is the most used raised floor applications. Access floors make it possible for office workers to enjoy clean air and favorable room temperatures. Such floors are known for proper cold air distribution. This significantly saves companies the costs of energy and purchasing and maintaining air conditioners and fans. Raised floors can allow underground wiring to take place and you can add an unlimited number of equipment.

Data centers

Technology spaces such as data centers have a heavy need for raised floor systems but needs vary with the data center. If data center servers get heated, floors need to have perforated tiles where cold air passes through making the places cooler. Where hot air passes, maintenance tiles can be installed in cold air passages to make data centers warmer. Most data centers need access floors since they need to do a lot of cabling which is quite impossible on regular concrete floors. In addition, this saves on costs and time of installation. The floors make cabling much easier leaving data center floors very be neat and rooms with enough lighting. 

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Raised floor systems can be applicable at home in the living rooms since there are also equipment. The need for access floors in your home may match that of your office since there may be a home office where you like to work, or study. You might also need to install more electronic equipment in your home. More cabling is necessary in this case and is better done underground than on the walls. 

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