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Production Process of All Steel Anti-static Floor

Material selection All steel anti-static floor adopts high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. Each all steel anti-static floor needs two steel plates as basic materials. 1. Stretch All steel anti-static floor bottom plate names tensile plate. The bottom plate is made of ST-16 high quality cold rolled steel plate by stamping and drawing process. 2. Piercing After stretching, the bottom plate of all steel anti-static floor needs to be punched to prepare for the later grouting process. 3. Cut In order to produce standard all steel anti-static floor products, we need to cut the size of the steel plate according to the required size. 4. Riveting and spot welding This production step is the key step in the production process of all steel anti-static floor. By riveting and spot welding, weld the floor panel and the bottom plate together. Then the prototype of all steel anti-static floor is completed. 5. Surface phosphating

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