Production Process of All Steel Anti-static Floor

Material selection

All steel anti-static floor adopts high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. Each all steel anti-static floor needs two steel plates as basic materials.

1. Stretch

All steel anti-static floor bottom plate names tensile plate. The bottom plate is made of ST-16 high quality cold rolled steel plate by stamping and drawing process.

2. Piercing

After stretching, the bottom plate of all steel anti-static floor needs to be punched to prepare for the later grouting process.

3. Cut

In order to produce standard all steel anti-static floor products, we need to cut the size of the steel plate according to the required size.

4. Riveting and spot welding

This production step is the key step in the production process of all steel anti-static floor. By riveting and spot welding, weld the floor panel and the bottom plate together. Then the prototype of all steel anti-static floor is completed.

5. Surface phosphating

After high temperature degreasing, cleaning, surface adjusting,re-cleaning and other processes, the surface of the steel floor forms a phosphate anti-corrosive film   to improve its corrosion resistance.

6. Drying

After cleaning, in order to carry out the subsequent spraying process, dry the floor first.

7. Spray molding

The following is to spray plastic treatment on the floor surface. So that reliably guarantee the anti-rust and anti-static performance of the floor.


After spray forming, the steel floor needs to be cured.

9. Grouting

That is to say, it is filled with foam cement inside the floor. After spraying the surface, the foam cement is filled inside the floor to ensure the strength, density and uniformity of the floor, and the overall carrying capacity of the floor.

10. Veneer

Stick HPL or PVC board on the upper surface of the floor with high wear-resistant and fire-resistant high-pressure laminate (bare board without decorative panel). In order to ensure that the machine bonds the adhesive layer together firmly, automatic glue spraying equipment and automatic rolling technology of mechanical equipment finish this process.

11. Injection molding or upper strip

For all steel anti-static floor around the installation or injection conductive edge. After the surface cleaning, the production of all steel anti-static floor is completed.