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The Commonalities and Differences Between HPL and PVC

There are two main finish used in raised floor system. They are HPL (high pressure laminate) and PVC. Today we mainly compare the commonalities and differences between these two coverings.   The Characteristics of HPL and PVC High pressure laminate is hard anti-static special fireproof board, which is made of phenolic and melamine resin treated with various special papers. And it is made of resin decorative laminate made of high temperature and high pressure. The use of nanotechnology in the resin to increase the anti-pollution, wear resistance and long-lasting static charge elimination characteristics. So it is a commonly used veneer in the anti-static floor industry. PVC coverings have long-lasting anti-static properties and stable electrical conductivity. It uses a conductive network formed by the interface of plastic particles with multiple patterns on the surface. The appearance resembles a marble pattern and has a good decorative effect. But its surface wear resistance is

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