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Anti-static Raised Floor

How to Choose The Anti-static Raised Floor?

First of all, before we choose anti-static raised floor, it is very necessary to acquaint with the condition of equipment in the computer room. After that, we can determine the type and organization of anti-static raised floor system. When choosing an anti-static raised floor, fully understand the various technical performance of the floor is important. The performance of anti-static raised floor primarily refers to its mechanical and electrical functions. 1.Mechanical properties– one factor we choose anti-static raised floor (1)Loading capacity Install the anti-static raised floor on the stringer, and then level the pedestal. The uniform load of anti-static raised floor should greater than 1000kg/m2, the concentrated load on any part of the floor should be more than 300kg. When the load is 300kg on the loading point with a diameter of 150px, the deflection should be less than 2mm without permanent deformation. Besides, the vertical loading capacity of pedestal should

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