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PVC Raised Floor

PVC or HPL, Which Kind of Anti-static Covering?

Nowadays, more and more computer room, data room and other office buildings choose the anti-static raised floor. In order to achieve the anti-static effect, the surface of the steel raised floor would usually be covered by PVC or HPL tile. This blog will show you the difference and advantages of these two types of anti-static raised floor coverings. PVC anti-static steel raised floor  This product uses a conductive static network formed at the interface of plastic particles. Therefore, it has a permanent anti-static function. It can protect the machines in the rooms. It has good ductility. Then it will not deform and cause fracture even in very cold environment. Vinyl flooring performs better but it costs more. There are several colors and patterns. Moreover, it seems like marble, which has an excellent decorative effect. PVC anti-static raised floor is suitable for electronically controlled workshops, clean workshops, microelectronics workshops. It is

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