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bracing connections between pedestals

Seismic Pedestal with Bracing System

There are different kinds of raised floor pedestals for different environment usage. In highly seismic locations, or some applications with high floor heights and heavy loading, seismic pedestal / heavy duty pedestal with bracing systems are highly recommend. Seismic pedestal / heavy duty pedestal Compare to normal pedestals, heavy duty pedestals have thicker steel, bigger size and higher tube, which brings better load capacity and stability. In the following applications, seismic pedestal systems are very necessary. 1.Heavy load When the concentrated load of panel is over 500 kgs, it is best to use heavy duty panel to make the floor system stable and safe. In the heavy load area, such as the tool moving path, the heavy machine area, it is necessary to use heavy duty panel to keep the whole system under protective and make the system in long performance. 2.High floor height When the floor finish height is

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