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Anti static access flooring

Why Laminate Cracks And How to Avoid It

Many users of anti-static raised floor reached us and asked about cracking problems in the anti-static flooring (mainly laminate HPL). Some raised floors even have just been used for one year. This not only affects the aesthetics of the entire room seriously, but also has an adverse effect on the anti static performance of HPL, the devices may fail due to the inability to release the static electricity. What should we do in this situation? Why laminate cracks? The main reason for HPL laminate cracking is due to that the temperature and humidity of the environment exceeds the design standards of the HPL. In a very cold or hot place, a huge change in temperature will cause the expansion and contraction of anti static flooring. Because the physical properties of HPL are hard, expansion and contraction above a certain limit can lead to cracking. In the data center and computer

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