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Hot-dip Galvanizing Pedestal in Data Center

Why Data Center Need Hot-dip Galvanizing Pedestal & Stringer

As we introduced the differences between hot-dip galvanizing & zinc galvanizing, then which one should be used for your projects, and why you need to choose that. Where zinc galvanizing pedestal & stringer suit In office buildings and commercial buildings, zinc galvanizing pedestal and stringer are used much more than hot-dip galvanizing pedestal and stringer. The stability of zinc galvanizing is worse than hot-dip galvanizing, zinc galvanizing may start to fall off after several weeks while hot-dip galvanizing can remain stable for several years, but price of hot-dip galvanizing can be around five times higher than zinc galvanizing(price in 2016). Taking economic factor into account, zinc galvanizing pedestals and stringers would be the better choice. Where hot-dip galvanizing pedestal & stringer suit In a high-grade data center or clean room, hot-dip galvanizing pedestal & stringer would be very necessary. If zinc galvanizing pedestal & stringer are used, when galvanizing start

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