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COVID-19 Impact on China’s Construction Industry

China’s COVID-19 pneumonia outbreak in the end of 2019, public health emergencies are challenging China’s emergency response capabilities. For a period of time, the Chinese government has had a huge impact on various industries, especially catering, tourism and others. How about the impact on construction industry? Impact on China’s construction industry Due to labor difficulties, rising costs and reduced orders, the manufacturing industry will be in trouble. Then they will hardly begin to maintain or be in a semi-stagnation state. Mainly has the following negative effects on the construction industry: 1. It is unable to resume production normally, which will affect the progress of power generation. 2. The product cannot be delivered as planned, which affects the customer’s acceptance and use of the product 3. After-sales service cannot be carried out in a timely manner, affecting customers’ business activities 4. Unable to carry out marketing and sales activities, thereby affecting

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