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ceramic raised floor structure

What is Ceramic Anti-static Raised Floor?

Now we will introduce you a kind of duarable raised floor — ceramic raised floor. It is usually seen in bank and other commercial areas. Applications of ceramic raised floor Ceramic floor is divided into anti-static ceramic floor and non-anti-static ceramic floor. Ceramic Anti-static Raised Floor is the raised floor panel covered with a ceramic stoneware finish. In the production of the ceramic surface layer, anti-static additives inject into the tile evenly. Due to the surface layer’s wear resistance, the anti-static property can maintain for more than 20 years. Therefore, compared with other raised floors, the ceramic anti-static floor has long service life and good decoration effect, which is very suitable for banks, computer rooms, and communication data centers. The performance of ceramic raised floor As we all know, traditional anti-static materials mainly include anti-static PVC board, anti-static vinyl board, and surface anti-static coating. These materials have the disadvantages of

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