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Anti-static Raised Floor with Ceramic Finish

There are many kinds of anti-static raised floor such as HPL raised floor, PVC raised floor and ceramic raised floor. Now we will introduce the last one — ceramic anti-static raised floor to you. Characteristics of anti-static floor with ceramic finish The ceramic surface anti-static floor material is composed of all steel or calcium sulfate core. The ceramic tile has high mechanical strength and strong bearing capacity. Besides, it has good fireproof performance. The surface is treated with electrostatic spraying. It is shiny, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and non-cracking. Because the anti-static ceramic is pasted on the floor surface, it has excellent wear resistance and anti-static performance. It has many good performance such as anti-pollution, easy to clean and good decoration effect. Because of the feature of ceramic material, it also has excellent fire performance. And the wiring in the bottom space is large and the interchangeability is good. It is easy

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