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calcium sulphate panel

Calcium Sulphate Panel– Anti-static Raised Floor Introduction

Calcium sulphate panel is one of the most popular anti-static floors nowadays. When installing new raised floor or renovating the floor, more and more people will choose to use calcium sulfate panel. Raw material of calcium sulfate board The base material of calcium sulphate raised floor use non-toxic and unbleached plant fiber as reinforcement material. Combine with solidified calcium sulphate crystal and then pulse press the all materials. This calcium sulphate panel’s recovery rate is over 90%, which aligns with the current environmental protection and energy-saving requirements. With the increasing demand for environmental protection and energy-saving, the use and market share of calcium sulphate raised floor are rising. Usually, the bottom of the calcium sulphate anti-static raised floor is galvanized steel. And the surface covers are anti-static veneers such as HPL or PVC. The sides seal belongs to conductive rubber edge trim. You can see them widely used in computer

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How to Distinguish A Good-quality Calcium Sulfate Board

In China, the concept of calcium sulfate raised floor take domination. Market understands few about calcium sulfate raised floor. Due to the advantages of calcium sulfate raised floor (such as recyclability, excellent fire performance, excellent acoustic performance, etc.), more and more people choose calcium sulfate raised floor. Then more factories produce calcium sulfate raised floor. However, most calcium sulfate raised floor produced in China are not real and pure. How to distinguish good quality calcium sulfate boards? The report of calcium sulfate board factories in China Here we are talking about calcium sulfate board, not finished calcium sulfate raised floor. Only with a good-quality calcium sulfate board can the following production process make sense. The calcium sulfate floor is derived from Knauf in Germany. In addition to the Chinese factories, companies that produce calcium sulfate board in the world now include “Knauf” and “Lindner”. In China, there are more than

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