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pedestal with raised floor

Pedestal, Raised Access Floor Accessories

For a raised floor system, the pedestal is one of the most important components. Pedestals can normally provide an adjustable supporting structure to the raised floor panels. The pedestal’s height varies from 50mm to 2000mm, which can suit any application. By using a pedestal of different heights, the raised floor can be laid on the stairs. Besides, special pedestals with inclined plane heads are available to locate and install a sloping floor. The pedestal not only provides the lower space for the floor, but also carries a considerable load, so we must choose the appropriate pedestal reasonably. Kinds of pedestal   Basically, we always talk about three types. They are cross head one, flat head one, and round head one. Cross head one consists of a base plate, threaded rod, hexagon nut, spring washer, adjustable die-cast aluminum head plate, and panel locking screws. Flat head one consists of a base

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