application of low-profile raised floor

Low-profile Raised Floor

With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, intelligence has gradually entered various office buildings. We use more and more electrical appliances in office buildings. As a result, more and more office buildings use raised floors. However, in many cities where land is expensive, for example, in South Korea and Japan. The area of the office is very limit and the height is also very limit. If the height of the raised floor is high, the utilization rate of the office building will be greatly reduce. At this time, the low-profile raised floor of our Titanfloor can fully show its advantages.

application of low-profile raised floor

What is a low-profile raised floor?

What is a raised floor? We also call raised floors as access floors. We can raise the floors. There is no covering on the surface of the network raised floor. The floor surface through conductive epoxy processing. The top and bottom of the network raised floors are steel plates, and we fill the middle with foamed cement. The low-profile raised floor is a floor with trunking that can be buckled on the network floor. It is a breakthrough and innovation to the traditional network floor. We Titanflor specially design them for low complete height. The low-profile raised floors has good electrical conductivity, and they are easy to wiring.

low-profile raised floor

Why use a low-profile raised floor?

There is no need to say the convenience brought by the network floor to our life and work here, everyone must know it. Low-profile raised floor, first of all, it has trunking for wiring, which can prevent the line from being messy. We can route all kinds of wiring along the trunking. Also, it is convenient for the maintenance of the wiring. You don’t need to lift the floor to check, just open the trunking. Secondly, it has good conductivity and is lightweight, only 1/2-2/3 of the weight of an ordinary network floor. Last but not least, we can install the low-profile raised floors at a very low height.

component of low-profile floor

How low can the low-profile raised floor be installed?

In many offices, if you use a low-profile raised floor, you can greatly save space and improve office utilization. The minimum height of the low-profile raised floor of Titanfloor can reach as low as 350mm. Our low-profile raised floors are perfect for every renovation project. With the adjustability of the raised floor to level uneven floors and create a fully flexible workspace. Moving, adding, and changing are simple, cost-effective, and fast. Usually performed by in-house staff, saving a lot of money and time. This allows for customization and expresses check-in, which is very important for any company. As environmental needs change, this low-profile raised floor will provide basic security for the space in the future.

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In addition to the advantages of an ordinary network floor, the low-profile raised floor has a wider range of install. It is more convenient to install and is more environmentally friendly. Currently, it is widely used in Japan, Qatar, Bahrain, South Korea, and other countries.