Why Use Raised Flooring, Advantages and Maintenance

A raised floor (also called access floor) provides an elevated structural floor above a solid substrate to create a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services. As usual, raised floor consists of stringers, adjustable-height pedestal, and a panel. The material of panels is steel, aluminum, wood, and calcium sulfate. Usually, people use raised floor with various flooring finishes to suit the application or decoration, such as ceramic, HPL, PVC, etc.

Advantages of raised flooring

First of all, raised floor has the advantages as below:

  1. Raised floor has a good quality of mechanical strength, loading capacity, and impact resistance;
  2. The surface of the panel adopts electrostatic spraying, which is wear-resistant, waterproof, fireproof, dust-proof, and anti-corrosion;
  3. Since raised floor can be cut arbitrarily, and the whole floor system has the flexibility to configure to accommodate changes. It is also easy to disassemble and assemble. As long as replacing the decorative finish, it can be reused. So, it is easy to fit next-generation equipment into the existing space.
  4. Raised floor system usually provides a ground clearance between 24 inches to 48 inches, which means the cables can safely and efficiently conceal under the raised floor. Meanwhile, the lower space becomes useful for air conditioning and ventilation. If you need to adjust the ventilation, you can use the normal raised floor along with the perforated panel.

Due to these benefits, raised floor is commonplace in office accommodation, retail spaces, information management center, computer and control rooms. Other places where have many wires or have the requirement of ventilation also suitable for raised floor system.

Maintenance of the flooring

Besides, here are some points for attention in the maintenance.

  1. Clean the raised floor with a dry mop instead of washing with water.
  2. Do not lay gas pipes and water pipes under the raised floor.
  3. Do not use hard objects and sharp tools to crush the surface.
  4. Pay attention to the items on the raised floor, whether it’s overweight or not.

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