Accessories for Raised Floors — Pedestals

It seems that we only focus on the raised floor itself and overlap the function of the support. As an accessory supporting the raised floor, the pedestal plays a constant role. So how to choose the right pedestal when buying raised floors?

The type of floor determines the pedestal

There are different types of pedestals according to different types of flooring. For steel raised flooring and encapsulated raised floors, there are aluminum head pedestals and flat head pedestals. Anti-static raised floor is suitable for flat-head brackets and stringers. The difference between them is that we place stringers in different ways. The workers insert the stringers of calcium sulfate panels or wood core board into the pedestal.

Load capacity requirements decides the brackets

The general load-bearing is based on FS 800-1000, and it usually use a 25 * 1.2 mm pedestal. But if the load-bearing requirements are higher, a 22 * 1.5 mm pedestal or 32 * 1.5 mm pedestal needs to be selected. Correspondingly, the specifications of the base of the bracket will also change accordingly. Then we should choose various pedestals according to the actual situation.

The height of raised floor also counts in choosing pedestals

Generally speaking, it is more cost-effective to use a bare rod if the height is less than 200 mm, and it is more cost-effective to use a tube type if the height is more than 200 mm. Pedestals with a height greater than 1000 mm must also be used with bracing clamp and braces to enhance their stability.

These are just a rough overview of the bracket, and the responsible floor supplier will provide you with the right solution. In actual situations, you need to ask them for help.