What Ground Materials Are Commonly Used in Data Centers

According to the relevant provisions of GB 50222-95 code for fire protection design of interior decoration of buildings: the ground of large and medium-sized electronic computer room shall be decorated with materials no less than Class B1. The interior decoration of cylinder room and so on shall be decorated with class A materials. Due to the particularity of the data center, there are not many kinds of ground that can be used. The advice is as follows.

Anti static raised floor for data center

When the air conditioning system adopts the condition of upper and lower supply air, we usually use this kind of ground form. It is also the most commonly used one in the machine room.

Static electricity will not only cause random failure of computer operation, but also lead to the destruction of some precision devices. In addition, when the static electricity is discharged to the computer, it will also give people the feeling of electric shock. The application of anti-static floor can solve the above problems well.

Cement self leveling

Cement self leveling is a high-tech green product with high technology content and complicated technical links. It is usually a ground form when the air conditioner adopts the air return at the upper supply side or the air return at the supply side. This is a kind of dry mixed powdery material composed of many active ingredients, which is widely used. They can be used as the surface course of the facing or as the wear-resistant base course. Self leveling can also prevent moisture and bacteria. It is widely used in data center industry.

Epoxy floor paint

Epoxy floor paint is the upgrade of cement self leveling. The clients can make a decision from a variety of colors according to the needs. It greatly enriches the application of colors in the data center. The main components of epoxy floor paint are epoxy resin and curing agent. The correct use method can keep the ground fresh. The floor is bright and diverse in color. It can design various schemes according to different requirements. Epoxy floor paint is convenient and fast for use.