Main Types of Anti-static Raised Floor

Our common anti-static raised floor types are mainly the following:anti static tile, high pressure laminate one, steel one, composite one and so on.

Anti static tile

On the basis of the preparation process of ordinary ceramic tiles, the green body and glaze layer add the anti-static functional powder. It makes the ceramic tiles have a stable resistance value, generally between 1.0 x 106——1.0 x 109 Ω. And workers do the construction conveniently without laying copper strip. At present, it is very popular in the market, but there are very few manufacturers in the Chinese market.

High Pressure Laminate anti-static raised floor

This floor uses high-strength, fire-proof and water-proof materials as the base material, double anti-static veneer. It has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance and strong bearing capacity. So large and medium-sized machine rooms usually use this type of raised floor.

Steel anti-static raised floor

Steel anti-static floor can has several types, such as standard one, boundless one and new boundless steel anti-static floor.

The specific difference lies in the change of edge strip. The new steel anti-static floor has the structure and advantages of all steel anti-static floor. Also, it developes on the basis of traditional steel floor without edge. To a large extent, the model overcomes the characteristics that the traditional steel anti-static endless floor touch edges and corners easily. And it usually causes the damage of the floor surface. Then it affects the appearance and the artificial damage of the anti-static veneer edges and corners.

High-quality steel plate shows high strength, good waterproof, fireproof and moisture-proof performance. So large machine rooms with high bearing requirements need it.

Composite anti-static raised floor

This floor is made of wood chipboard, which is light in weight and cheap at first. However, with the restriction of environmental protection conditions, the price rise. And the fire-proof and moisture-proof performance is low. So small and medium-sized machine rooms use it.

Aluminum alloy anti-static raised floor

Aluminum alloy material make up the floor by mechanical processing. It has high performance in strength, fireproof and waterproof. The board base has recycling value and is widely used in the power industry.

Imitation of imported wood anti-static raised floor

This floor is manufactured and processed according to the imported floor, with beautiful appearance and excellent performance. All kinds of machine rooms use it.

PVC anti-static raised floor

The product is made of PVC resin by special processing technology. The interface of PVC particles forms electrostatic network, which has the function of anti-static. It looks like marble and has good decorative effect. Telecommunication, electronic industry program control room, computer room, clean workshop and other places require  purification and anti-static.

Calcium sulfate anti-static raised floor

Non-toxic unbleached plant fiber as reinforcement material makes up calcium sulfate raised floor. Because of its advantages in environmental protection, fire protection, high strength and many other aspects, it has become the most widely used material in the family of raised floor. Especially in developed countries and regions, the consumption is very large, which has exceeded the consumption of composite floor and become the first raised floor for designers to consider.