anti-static raised floor application

Anti-static Raised Floor Characteristics

In daily life, when we ware and take off sweaters, there may cause sparks with cracking sounds. In winter, if we rub our hair hard, our hair will explode. This is static electricity. Today, we Titanflor will take you to understand the classification of the anti-static raised floor, the characteristics of the anti-static raised floor, and its applications.

anti-static raised floor application

1. OA network raised floor

OA network anti-static raised floor is also called bare finished raised floor or office raised floor. It is composed of all steel, and the four corners are independently supported. The floor surface is treated with conductive epoxy resin electrostatic spraying, and the inner cavity is filled with foamed cement. It has strong load capacity, anti-noise, surface wear resistance, and dirt resistance. We often use them in office buildings, computer rooms, electric classrooms, etc.

OA raised floor

2.Steel anti-static raised floor

An anti-static raised floor is mainly covered with PVC/ceramics, and the PVC veneer is made by special processing technology. A conductive electrostatic network is formed between the PVC particle interfaces, which has a permanent anti-static function. The ceramic covering looks like marble and has a good decorative effect. It is suitable for places requiring purification and anti-static, such as program-controlled computer rooms, computer rooms, and clean workshops.

anti-static raised floor

3. Calcium sulfate floor

Calcium sulfate anti-static raised floor uses non-toxic and unbleached fiber as reinforcement material, combined with solidified calcium sulfate crystals, made by pulse pressing process.  It has good wear-resistant, flame-retardant, and high strength. It’s environmentally friendly and beautiful. So we often use them in banks, data centers, offices, computer rooms, and places with high humidity.

calcium sulphate raised floor

4. Wood core raised floor

Wood core anti-static raised floor uses chipboard as the core. It has lightweight, moisture-proof, cheap characteristics. We often use them in small and medium computer rooms.

wood core raised floor

5. Aluminum Panel

An aluminum anti-static raised floor is made of aluminum alloy material after smelting and die-casting. It has high strength, excellent fire resistance, and waterproof performance. The board base has recycling value.So we often use them in the power industry.

aluminum raised floor

6. Other types raised floor

In addition, there are some anti-static raised floors for special occasions, such as anti-static perforated panels, glass raised floors, anti-static PVC floors, etc.

anti-static raised floor