The Maintenance and Care of the Raised Floor

The raised floor is used mostly in the data center and office. Lifting different height to make the wires and cables more beautiful and useful in such area. So how to make raised-floor long-performance life in maintenance and care becomes more and more critical.  

  1. Always use lifter trucks to move heavy loads. Inserting between the panels. The wheels of a rigid body (fox example, wood planks) for proper loading distribution.
  2. If you are operating on a raised floor with transverse structures, you must pay special attention not to damage or remove seals of the columns and crossbars in this specific case. If this happens, you need to assess whether it is appropriate to provide for their replacement.
  3. In case, if you need to remove the raised floor panel, you must use appropriate tools for lifting. Anyway, avoiding the use of mechanical means to make a lever between the boards.

maintenance and care of raised floor 

  1. It is necessary to perform the procedure with the utmost care, exerting a light pressure. And at the same time, you should ensure the adjacent panels are perfect.
  2. It should be particularly conscientious if you are performing maintenance and care on a raisedfloor that includes accessories. Don’t damage the connections.

  1. If maintenance involvescutting or drilling panels with accessories, you should keep the distance from the edge of the board to ensure the strength of the concentrated load: You should not make cuts less than 10cm from the sides and use the equipment most suitable depending on the type of panel.

Moreover, the raised floor must be in a dry and protected space. The temperature should be between 5’C and 35°C. The relative humid should be between 40%and 75%.

After learning the advice, you must know more about maintenance and care of raised floor.If any problems about raised floor maintenance and other aspact of raised floor, welcome to contact us.