Calcium Sulphate Panels – Importance

Calcium Sulphate Panels provide excellent acoustic properties. Thanks to its high density of 1.5 kg/m3. Also, Calcium Sulphate is a natural material and it is the best value for money on the technical floor. It is popularly well-known as gypsum, which extracts in quarries.

Thanks to this, its load capacity, its fire resistance class, and its acoustic insulation are unsurpassed. Its artisan manufacturing of plaster, water, and paper fiber allows the room environment to not modify by these panels since they do not present any type of emissions.

At, Calcium Sulphate Core Raised Floor Panels offer the most flexibility and are therefore the largest family in our product range.

We fulfill the wishes of all our customers: they can use as continuous hollow flooring, thermal flooring, acoustic flooring, or conventionally raised flooring and we offer plate thicknesses of 16 to 42 mm.

More about Calcium Sulphate Panel:

Our floor system forms by joining a pedestal substructure to panels made of calcium sulphate. This is a non-combustible material with superior structural and physical properties.

We offer outstanding soundproofing levels, regardless of the type of application, and an integrated pavement heating system offers a very good reflection of heat. Once installed, the floor system is smokeproof and combines floor comfort with minimal weight. All components are manufacturing by Titan Flor, allowing it to combine with other floor systems with a high degree of flexibility.


For sustainable construction, Titan Floor Calcium Sulphate Panel is made from recycled materials. The panels are virtually emission-free.

Titan Flor removable modular panels allow direct access to the cavity in any of the floor sectors, making cables and installations invisible without sacrificing accessibility. This makes it easy to maintain data cables and construction technology, especially useful in industrial and office applications. The system can install quickly, and allows it to use in a short time to facilitate completion of work.

calcium sulphate panels

Main components:

Calcium Sulphate Flooring system has three main components: steel pedestals of different heights, calcium sulphate panel that covers it, and a coating of your choice. However, Galvanized steel pedestals create the cavity necessary to accommodate underfloor services and allow any irregularities in the floor to compensate.

Gypsum boards give it fire resistance and insulating properties, while Titan Flor offers a range of coverings. You can use these panels in elastics, textiles, stone-look tiles, wood, rubber, carpet, or a choice of appearance. We are in charge of producing all the components, to offer greater flexibility in case the application requires it.

What are the main benefits of Calcium Sulphate Panel?

– Calcium Sulphate Panel offers high -flexibility and is the most versatile product.

– Widely used in computer room flooring, cleanroom flooring. Also other places with anti-static requirements for            health, medical, power electronics, and communication industry.

– Gypsum has very good properties in terms of fire resistance and load-bearing as well as acoustic.

– The capacity of this panel is 1 to 20 kN.

– Calcium Sulphate Panel with gypsum applies to almost every type of covering.