Raised Floors Used for Data Center Floors

For decades, raised floors have been in huge popularity in the buildings which require information infrastructure like data centers. A raised floor in the data center floors is an uplifted floor that is designed a few inches above a concrete floor. Ideal for electrical, cooling and mechanical services, these raised floors serve the best way for creating ventilation.

With the help of raised floors, the data center requires minimum energy. In addition, it maintains maximum distribution of temperature throughout the cabinets. As per the study, raised floors can considerably minimize the cooling load by 45% in commercial buildings. Luckily, with the help of advanced technology, this system when combined with AI cooling delivers tangible results. 

Depending upon your data center, raised floors are made from pedestals. The pedestals are then supported vertically to build the required space on the subfloor. Raised floor tiles can be made from any material such as wood or cement. The raised floor in the data center also boasts a number of designs which ensures airflow in all cabinets. 

data center floor

Why Raised Floors are Significant for Data Centers?

While raised floors are an ideal solution for data centers, it provides a number of benefits when maintained properly.

Better Flexibility for data center floors

Raised floor in the data center provides enhanced adaptability and flexibility. It enables you to upgrade or modify raised floor tiles. Maybe you want to add new equipment. Or want to rearrange servers. Whatever the case, you can effectively move perforated floor tiles to maintain effective cooling.

Seamless Cabling

Raised floors provide you with the ability to install or completely change the existing equipment. It covers revamping the premises and installing the cables for different purposes. The cables which run under the raised floors also assist to keep the data floor neat and immaculate.

Enhanced Cooling

At data centers, servers tend to dissipate a huge amount of heat. This can create problems for managers and designers of the data center. However, with the help of the raised floor, there will be an efficient airflow all around the data center. It allows instant delivery of cool air from the equipment that is placed beneath the floor.

Maintenance of Raised Floor Tiles

While paving raised floors in the data center, it is crucial to maintain and clean the tiles from pollutants.  Cleaning the tiles will help you remain safe from any type of operational hazards. As raised floors are the best design standards in data centers, it remains a popular process for managing cable development and cooling requirements. By enhancing the raised floor potential, you can ensure that your staff remains productive and safe for years to come. 

Whether you have launched a data center or already have one, the raised floor will be your ideal solution. It will provide scalability, flexibility and airflow management which is simply impossible to achieve with any other overhead system. The raised floor in the data center will ensure a safer, healthier and cleaner environment that everyone can appreciate.