Application of raised floor

Raised Floor Edge Trim

Once I talked with one client about the raised floor edge trim . I find that there’s much knowledge in raised floor edge trims.

Application of raised floor

What is raised floor edge trim?

There are many kinds of raised floors, we don’t say here. We can divide the anti-static raised floor into the anti-static raised floor with edge trim and the anti-static raised floor without edge trim, according to whether has the black edge trim. The edge here refers to here is the edge trim we are talking about. Although there are various raised floors without edge trim, there are more raised floors with edge trim. The edge trims are all conductive. The black conductive edge trims to ensure the anti-static function of the anti-static raised floors. And also they provide good physical protection for the anti-static raised floor edge.

raised floor system

The advantage of raised floor edge trim

  1. Used for covering various types of raised floors, including steel raised floors, wood core raised floors and calcium sulphate raised floors. It maintains the integrity of the raised floors.
  2. The edge trim is conductive, which effectively enhances the function of the anti-static raised floor to dissipate static electricity.
  3. Conductive edge strips enhance the sealing of the raised floor system. When the floor is subjected to friction and heavy pressure, the edge strips prevent gaps between the floors, preventing the floor system from shattering and leaking.
  4. Has a good decorative effect. After the anti-static floor with borders is installed, the ground will show staggered lines.
  5. It’ll be more convenient to install the anti-static raised floors because of the black edge trims. Also, there’s not a too high requirement for the flatness of the ground.

Raised floors classify according to edge trim

Raised floors with ‘C’ type edge trim

This is the normal type of anti-static raised floor. The width of the edge trim is generally customized according to the thickness of the floor steel plate.

C trim floor

Raised floors with ‘F’ type edge trim

Also known as micro-edge floors. The ’F’ edge is embedded between the steel plate and the covering on the floor surface.

F trim floor

Raised floors without edge trim

There is no black edge trim around the floor.

Trimless floor

Integral trim HPL raised floor

There’s no black PVC trim around the floor, but HPL itself has black decoration lines. So its performance is the same as PVC edge trim.

Integral trim floor


There are many types of edge trims for raised floors, and each has its advantages. You can choose the edge trims of the floor according to your needs. If the overall visual effect of the ground is good, you can choose the infinity floor. You can choose edged floors when you need a crisscrossing visual effect. If the line is thick, you can choose a wide edge, and if you need a thin line, you can choose a narrow edge, “F” type edge trim.