Preventing Electrostatic Hazards by Human Body

Causes of static electricity

Static electricity is formed by the redistribution of charge caused by friction and the mutual attraction of charges. There are generally three conditions for human body to generate static electricity, one is air drying, the other is non-conductive chemical fiber clothing, and the third is weak constitution.

Anti static principle

To deal with static electricity, we can take “prevent static electricity” and “release static electricity”. We should try our best to choose pure cotton products as clothing fabrics and home accessories, and try to avoid using chemical fiber carpets and furniture with plastic as surface materials to prevent friction and electrification. Try to keep away from TV, refrigerator and other electrical appliances to prevent induction electrification. “Discharge” is to increase humidity, so that local static electricity is easy to release. Avoid long-term contact with computers, open windows when watching TV or computers, wash hands and face after watching, and use skin care products with good moisturizing performance to ensure skin moisture.

People live in electrostatic field for a long time, because the accumulation of static electricity in their body will make the pH value of blood alkaline, so it is necessary to increase the intake of vitamin C, A, E, and acid food such as carrot, cabbage, tomato can increase the acidity of blood, and maintain the normal electrolyte balance of human body.