Is Related between Performance and Color of Anti-static Raised Floor?

Is there an inevitable relationship between the performance and color of anti-static raised floor? Can the anti-static raised floor with such bright colors be effectively anti-static? Let us explore the principle of it.

Anti-static principle

In fact, for anti-static raised floor, the most important is the conductive wire embedded in it. It means that the black wire is similar to the crack in the PVC veneer of the anti-static floor. The main anti-static material is conductive wire which is made of carbon wire. It shows black. Obviously, this is not the usual color we see.

Actual demands of anti-static raised floor

But the needs of customers determine the color of some anti-static products. For example, the anti-static platform may has blue, green and gray, especially green. It is good for people’s eyes to see for such a long time. These similar demands determine other products. The dust-free clean workshop usually uses the anti-static clothing with necessary conductive function. According to customer requirements,the color will change. Generally speaking, there is no black anti-static clothing. 

Optimization of anti-static performance

Therefore, the performance of the anti-static raised floor depends not on the color, but on the material and demands of it.

For example, the anti-static packaging bag has pink color. The conductive wire is embedded in the anti-static raised floor. Adding conductive carbon black to the material makes the anti-static floor finish black. This method costs low. Besides, it has good and lasting anti-static effect. And other places with requirements for anti-static can use it. However, the anti-static floor is easy to drop powder which is not suitable for the dust-free clean workshop. 

We can also change the color of the anti-static material in the anti-static floor finish. Just add the metal ions to the anti-static floor material. So the anti-static effect of the produced anti-static floor performs good. The visual effect is good, and it is easy to manage. However, it costs much more, generally 3 times higher than the former.