How static electricity is generated

How Static Electricity is Generated

Anti-static technology is part of the protection of the data centers, serve rooms, computer rooms, etc. Static electricity is one of the most frequent and most difficult harm to eliminate, it will not only cause random failures in the operation of electronic elements, but also cause the breakdown and destruction of certain components, such as CMOS, MOS circuits, and dual-level circuits. In addition, it will also harm physical and mental health of operators.

How static electricity is generated

The generation of static electricity is mainly caused by friction, contact and separation between objects. There are other reasons, in the process of static electricity generated by an object, because there is still a part of the charge that does not disappear and exist in the object, the object is called “electrostatic charged object.”

The harm of static electricity

Electrostatic discharge can form a fire source and cause fire. From the body with static electricity or from an object with static electricity discharge to the human body, there is a current through the body, resulting in “electrostatic clicking.”

The harm of static electricity on computers, is mainly reflected in semiconductor devices. With the development of the computer industry, semiconductor devices which are the main components of computers, have also been rapidly developed. Due to the high speed, high density, large capacity of semiconductor devices, they are much more sensitive to static electricity. There are two types of effects on electronic computers, one is damage of components, the other is computer malfunctions or operational errors.

Damages of components mainly occurs on large-scale integrated circuits, bipolar circuits. For MOS circuits, when an electrostatic charged body (usually having a high electrostatic voltage) is connected to the MOS circuit pin, the body discharges to MOS circuit, it will result in a break-down of MOS circuit. Static electricity will also cause malfunctions of modems, network cards, and faxes and printers.

Main characteristics of static electricity are high voltage and low energy. Its damage to electronic products often occurs unconsciously, so it is difficult to attract people’s attention. Static electricity may cause that computer logic elements send an error signal, which may take big mistakes. Therefore, it is very important to find ways to prevent static electricity.

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