Environmental inspection

Factories Close in A Large Area Cause Environmental Inspection

More and more stringent environmental inspection in China

Environmental factors are playing big influence these days. Last week, inspection of environmental protection in Jiangsu province continued, except Xuzhou, Nanjing, and Changzhou, Zhangjiagang, the production in Wuxi, Suzhou and other regions has also been affected by environmental protection policies, and production has declined.

Last week, steel prices continued to rise in China, especially for construction steel prices. The steel market has become increasingly dangerous. It needs to pay attention to risks and we can’t just chase them.

Environmental inspection

Factories are facing unprecedented challenges

As all our steel suppliers close last week for inspection, steel price had a sudden increase this week, rate can be 10%. The bigger problem is that we can not buy new steel, so now we can only supply our stock which is mainly the specification below FS1250. For details, pls contact our sales.

For raised floor factories, more than half already closed. Part of them are installing environmental protection equipment which are forced by government, part of them just quit from the market especially those small factories, this is also happened a lot in other industries. The high pressure environmental inspection will become the norm these years, it is a big pressure to most factories, but it is also a big opportunity to some new-age factories.