Why to Install Raised Flooring for Office?

Raised flooring advantages are diverse and that is why they are using more and more in corporate environments. They combine flexibility, maintenance simplicity, and design options, in addition to presenting a practical alternative to traditional floors. Why to install raised flooring for office?

Check out everything about this option in this article.

For those, who are planning or are already in the process of remodeling a corporate environment – raised flooring is essential.

With the right planning, it is guaranteed the floor will bring the ideal look. It also help in covering pipes, wiring, and other subsystems. These are necessary for optimizing the environment.

Here we give you various reasons why to install raised flooring for office?

Quick installation of Raised Flooring

One of the great advantages of the raised flooring in a project is the speed of installation. Although the average time required for placement depends on each type of material used. But this time is still less compared to traditional ones.

However, it is necessary to assess the client’s needs when making a project and include the raised office floor, for example. It must take into account not only the client’s aesthetic preferences but also the main practical needs to be met by the floor.

With automation increasingly present in corporate environments, the need for multiple cables connecting and interconnecting machines is common. In addition to these cables, the temperature and water flow control systems require pipes, tubes, and other subsystems. That helps to contribute to the better functioning of the environment.

These devices occupy space and are hardly cohesive in a harmonious way with the decoration, one of the challenges of corporate architecture. Thus, one of the advantages of the raised floor is to offer a practical option to incorporate these subsystems without harming the architecture or decoration of the environment.

Once the project completes, taking into account the necessary requirements, the installation of the raised floor is relatively quick. By having its pieces fit on top of pedestals place on the surface.This type of material does not require laying with mortar necessary for installing common floors.

install raised flooring for office

Mobility and reuse

Another advantage of the raised flooring is its versatility, it can install on top of an existing surface, which will serve as support for pedestals.

The fact, that they are modular parts that are only fit on top of the pedestals makes it also easy to remove. This allows the parts to reuse in other environments, if necessary.

That way, you can always renovate the environments without having to spend on new finishes. This greatly enhances your project.


One of the biggest advantages of the raised floor is the possibility that it creates for the wire passages.Other facilities are also necessary for the better functioning of the corporate environment.

The height of these spans must calculate according to the structure of the subsystems to cover by the floor. That is, the space occupied by the tubes, wires, cables, among others.

Variety of materials used for Raised Flooring

Another advantage of raised floors is that they offer several options and comes in different types of materials, such as:

– Plaster

– Concrete

– Steel