Raised Floor HPL Finish Usage Application

Are you applying a raised floor in your space and want to know the perfect materials for its usage? Well, you have come to the right place. This blog consists of significant aspects of floor covering for raised floors in data centers and other IT rooms. The application of utility and presentability is the foremost criteria to consider. Hence, HPL or High-Pressure Laminate finish is the option you must ponder. Raised floor HPL finish usage/application is one of the popular talks of the town. Multiple benefits and extensive utility makes it the perfect finishing you were looking for. Want to know more about it? Well, check out the amazing aspects of this finishing. 

What is HPL Considering Raised Floor Panels? 

HPL is a flooring finish made of juvenile fibers of the wood. These fibers undergo a specific process called agglutination. This process involves its mixing with phenolic resin under extreme temperature and pressure. As a result, a thin and smooth sheet is acquired. This sheet is not just suitable for raised floor HPL finish usage/application, but for other purposes as well. HPL sheets are quite resistant and have various beneficial features including, 

  1. Non-reactivity
  2. Non-penetrable
  3. Homogenous
  4. Dense and stable 

HPL raised floor

Features of HPL Finish

There are various characteristics and quality features of HPL finish in raised floors. 

  • Strong & Scratch Resistance: The HPL finish has a protective layer to add extreme competence and sturdiness. This layer adds resistance against impact and scratches. It makes the flooring finish glossy and presentable. Hence, you can use it in high-impact areas as well. 
  • Non-Penetrable: The raised floor HPL finish usage/application is quite prominent. However, what makes it prominent is its sealed characteristic. The material prevents any type of infiltration and hence makes it liquid-proof. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any damage to the raised floor panels. 
  • Safe & Anti-Microbial: High-pressure laminates extend extensive hygiene benefits. It prevents the growth of microbes like bacteria by intercepting moisture. Hence,  raised floor HPL finish usage/application in schools and daycare centers is quite popular. 
  • Resists UV Rays & Light Steady: High-pressure laminate makes the light steady while maintaining the gloss. Although, it also fights against UV rays that keep the shine intact for a longer period. The tone will stay homogenous for a longer period. 
  • ESD Features: The HPL finishing incorporates anti-static properties that make it dust-resistance. Therefore, volatile particles in the surrounding will not touch the ground. Hence, there will be low chances of static discharge.   

HPL finish raised floor

HPL Raised Floor Usage/Application 

The features and benefits of HPL finishing have made its application easy for raised floors in different industries. Hence, many commercial businesses have already used it in their spaces. The most interesting part is that HPL finishing is applied to all types of raised floor panels. It includes woodcare panels, steel panels, aluminium panels, and more. The raised floor HPL finish usage/application is profound in spaces such as communication closets, data centers, and other public places. Their high-resistance, static-control, and durability make them the perfect choice for high-traffic regions.  

You can easily find HPL finishing in data centers, cleaning rooms, server corridors, offices, and hospitals, etc. The aesthetic appeal and better utility make the flooring finish exclusive. Therefore, you must get them today and make your space charming and safe.