raised floor with edge trim& no edge trim

Difference Between Raised Floor Edge Trim & No Edge Trim

Due to the office building, computer room, and data center increase, the demand for steel raised floor daily increased. There is a black edge trim or not, the raised floor is divided into two types, floor with edge trim and without edge trim. Each of these two types has its characteristics and advantages. Now we will show you the differences between them.
raised floor with edge trim& no edge trim

1. Application of edge trim and no edge trim

Floor with edge trim commonly uses in computer rooms and monitoring rooms. The seams between the no edge trim is very fine after paving, and the overall effect will be better. So the floor with no edge trim is suitable for all kinds of high-end computer rooms.

2. Price 

Although in the same condition, the production technology of edge trim is a little bit harder, which makes the price higher. Moreover, the installation cost of no edge trim is also higher.

3. Transportation

The floor with edge trim has a black stripe, producing a buffer when bumping and can protect the floor well. The edge will not break or crack because of the collision. Therefore, when transporting, we must handle the floor with no edge trim lightly. 

4. Installation of raised floor with edge trim and no edge trim

When the raised floor has a black edge trim, the flatness requirements and the floor’s installation are not too high. When there is no edge trim for the raised floor, the inadequate installation will cause a large seam between the two kinds of floors. Poor ground flatness will also lead to uneven floors. So, laying the floor with no edge trim requires high flatness of the ground. After all, the installation of floor with no edge trim is more complicated.

raised floor without edge trim

5. Maintenance of raised floor edge trim and no edge trim

For the floor with edge trim, avoid damaging edge trim during maintenance, especially when moving the floor for cable adjustment. And for the floor without edge trim, prevent the panel from scratching and the panel’s curl up.